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relatives in rural areas, no higher education. When I was young, I went out to work and worked for 8 years. Save some money to get married. After returning home to start a vegetable garden. He is a very intelligent and good at discovering a personal summary, although many local farmers, vegetable prices, most farmers only a year to earn a few thousand dollars, and now he has more than ten million a year income. According to his statement, familiar with the rules of the vegetable market, grasp the needs of buyers, and actively explore new markets, the development of diversified three-dimensional.

1: Market Research

      relatives before the vegetables on the side of the neighbors and friends at home are data research, every meal fried dishes, some soup? How much food do you buy per month? What is the cost of selling food for a month? What kind of food do you buy most? What are your favorite dishes? Wait。 Thus, collected more than and 20 valid data, according to the classified income relatives: for example, a wealthy family to buy fresh vegetables, more ordinary working families to buy long storage of vegetables, low income families to buy cheap and long storage time of the food; often buy expensive food consumption groups probably accounted for the local market 1/4, the purchase law is generally 2 times a week; the best sales on the market price of the seasonal vegetables, vegetables every day to buy these users probably accounts for the local vegetable consumption group ninety percent; at the same time, he collected data about vegetables and people’s life information and local environment, land and weather in recent years, for market analysis and product analysis.

2: product positioning

      investment in food, he is also in accordance with the requirements of different seasons, on their own vegetable by planning. Of which 1 acres of land to build a greenhouse, autumn winter spring cover protective film of the three quarter, planting cucumber, tomatoes, beans, rape and other seasonal expensive dishes, summer planting season vegetables in the greenhouse; and next to the ground, he planted potatoes, onions, cabbage etc. according to the different seasons, planting low seasonal vegetables.

3: production

      seed selection, chemical fertilizer in accordance with the needs of the appropriate amount of soil. More organic fertilizer, he is not in the chicken factory and other areas to buy, because the price is relatively high. He will open to the far point of the village agricultural tricycle, to buy farm livestock dung. Low prices, and good results. Study of agricultural technology, to solve the diseases encountered in vegetables and increasing vegetable yield by various means.

4: product sales and user experience

      vegetables are ripe, listed, careful relatives in product sales details, make people ashamed.

A: beautiful product

      many farmers are not willing to cook leaves the soil and yellow rotten leaves removed, that can increase a little weight. The >

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