Startups need to be wary of 5 marketing errors

lead: the first few years in the business, the probability of failure is very high. But if you avoid these mistakes, it may improve your chances of success.


for entrepreneurs, it is admirable. Although the probability of success is simply too small, but there are still entrepreneurs one after another, there are still companies also continue to win. So, there will be a problem, those companies fail because of what failure? Because entrepreneurs are determined, bold, competitive, but they also have a need to run a successful business, personal quality.

Co founder and CEO

of the American enterprise Boostability, Travis Theorpe is an expert on Internet and marketing technology, in recently shared his company a few years ago committed 5 errors, the most common. It is much easier to find out how to use an ambitious CEO to be successful by examining the pitfalls of doing everything right.

1 online market failure.

this is a "search" era, if you do not conduct online marketing, you can not sell as much as possible. According to Invesp, 80% of Internet users buy online. In addition, 81% of Internet users in the purchase, online research products. In order for your business to thrive, your business must be convenient for consumers to do their online research and shopping. SEO work, social media marketing, cross selling between all communication channels, is essential to enhance the visibility of the network.

media exposure, news releases, traditional PR, social media, and even print media marketing should be implanted with strong online elements. For example, many companies are now embedded in QR code, and the image of social media to their print ads, because they know more and more people will find their online business. The more SEO activities and marketing work, the more you will get the network visibility.

2 can’t listen to their customers.

78% customers will listen to other online customers more than other resources. Whether your main marketing work is online or offline, give your customers a simple and direct way to interact with you online. They will give you feedback on product, pricing and business behavior. In turn, you give them a "gossip" feedback that turns into a friendly relationship. You for your customer feedback and comments quickly, help response will make your existing customers and potential customers is impressive, and potential customers are those who investigate online reviews, decide whether they want to use your service people.

3 can’t take advantage of future growth.

although many offline marketing efforts have a short-term impact, but your online camp

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