09 of the most profitable websites

        many webmaster friends ask me 09 years to do what kind of site can make money, for this is a difficult question to answer, the author summed up the hope for a little help to the novice webmaster friends do.

e-commerce shopping website

, the global economic downturn, to stimulate more Internet users through online shopping this relatively cheap shopping way to reduce consumer costs, with the increasing number of users of online shopping, e-commerce shopping site has great potential, from digital products to the local specialty, from the general merchandise to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, there will be more and more people accustomed to online shopping, so the resources of friends can try to do e-commerce shopping site will qiantu.

shop decoration art website

09 years with the online shop growing, taobao.com according to statistics, in 09 years there will be about 600000 people directly and fully rely on taobao.com and employment, there are nearly 2 million people in the Taobao online indirect employment, that is to say there will be 600 thousand people to make money through the open shop, but many network operators to the website to open shop decoration completely unfamiliar with, so you need to provide some special shop decoration, picture processing and other services, so 09 years shop decoration art service website will accomplish much.

website optimization service website

open shop and e-commerce sites more, a lot of people do a product at the same time, of course, the competition is very fierce, in addition we do spend money for advertising, is the website optimization. There are games website, PW class website also needs through the website optimization to improve website ranking, as everyone knows, covering a wide range of strong, relatively low cost for advertising, so there will be more companies and network operators to improve their website ranking through the website optimization services, improve sales performance, there are many opportunities for website optimization service companies.

entrepreneurship training guidance website

09 years there will be more people out of work, these unemployed people need to learn some technology, through training to find some suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, to start their own business. Therefore, the number of visits to entrepreneurship training sites will continue to rise, entrepreneurial sites can be combined with local training departments, win-win cooperation through complementary resources.

web game website

game will continue 08 years of glory, the work did not find students, unemployed, these users will spend less or not by playing some money free games to pass the boring time, alleviate the pressure of employment, so is the web games or game information, web games will become one of the most profitable project for 09 years the.

secondary information website

economic downturn, second-hand cars, second-hand computers, second-hand mobile phone market will be hot, if the webmaster can seize the opportunity to take advantage of the resources around, do the secondary market is bound to make a big website

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