Taobao single page station why there is no traffic volume down

thank you very much to continue to pay attention to the "Taobao guest single page station and why there is no volume flow (below)," well, we briefly recall the "Taobao guest single page station why not flow volume (on)" the main content of this article is mainly on the set when it comes to the theme of the key two points, one is: the keyword positioning problem. Two is the product itself. As long as we seize these 200%, I believe you will increase the income of Taobao customers, if you do not see the set can click on the link above to see see!

well, so I continue to take you to break this "why there is no volume flow and embarrassed exit".

three, flow problem: there are a lot of new people are angry to flow, I do not know where to find, and lead to traffic at all to do traffic. But they always forget the most important one is the flow of each user is to buy your product intention! Simply: refuse to flow and mass flow: BBS forum, blog, traffic is quite often these junk, click on the link in the reason is that these are not the most the intention to buy the user, novices do not have to consider one of the most important question "what is the precise traffic flow" the so-called precise flow is: users can have to buy our product desire, then the flow comes from where? The author thinks that a website traffic from se 80% the other, for example: soft Wen, on their own initiative to contact someone to send a link like! Everything is what we need


, four pages: I read a lot of the new single page station found that the biggest problem is that: the page confusion: we all say "customer is our God" if we are not bad appearance, which users how to believe that we, that is to say the novices do the page is not beautiful, East, west one, give people the feeling is not fresh and beautiful, a direct impact on the user experience and the volume! The single page station not Gouhun: some friends simply in their own site simply hang on commodity code, can not produce visual as the impact of bidding, let people have a desire to buy. We have to correct a single page to create a bedroom, attract users click on us to promote the products of the link, which means we won half the battle.

five, specific problems: novices have made the product complex is not single-minded: for example: some do Soybean Milk machine product promotion, he has hung up other products: "acne, slimming products like", although it is also a way of leveraging the promotion, but ignore that we should promote "the same kind of products. This is the most important!" specific "to give the user the feeling is your website professional enough, continue to allow the user to generate a sense of trust, to enable them to have the desire to buy, so as to complete the transaction and the key step.

well, I have to share the finished, as long as we do the above points, I believe they will soon take you out of "why"

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