Point of view Ali mother recommended a prize for the award for the award

      yesterday received a message sent by Ali mother, Ali mother recommended a notice of promotion activities, the activities of the upgrade does not know whether we can stimulate the students again. Here we have a look at the general content of the upgrade, coupled with a bit of my personal opinion.

following Ali mother content:

dear member,

thank you for this period of time on the recommendation of the mother of the mother website has a strong support for the award activities! Thank you for the present, the grand launch of the awards recommended website upgrade edition, recommended the prize award!

as long as you recommend the number of sites to reach 10, you can get a cash reward of $50 on the basis of the original recommended income. If you recommend a few more sites, there are more cash incentives, reward correspondence is as follows:

  site number   reward amount   10   50   30   150   60   300   100   500

note: cash reward and recommended income settlement, monthly settlement 10

if you recommend 80 sites, then your income is 80*20 + 50 + + +300 = 2100! How many websites do you recommend? What are you waiting for?


      Ali mother struck again I think not like Ali mother recommended award activity to launch so lethal, I think this upgrade campaign launched just let those master earn more money, and we only birds watching others make money:


      analysis of the upgrading of the mom just want to put the activities to a more climax, will give up this promotion award 20 yuan each registered in the webmaster friends, mom again remind you one in front of you, don’t be lazy to continue efforts. This is Ali mother promotion trick, so we can find that every mom in law: Mom, Alibaba, An important juncture of life and death, Zhimakaimen:


      Ali mother the next time we see it as a An important juncture of life and death!

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