To the Chinese owners who are still struggling for GG to talk about some of their own experience

      do GG also count for a few years, just say the network history of the past few years.

      I also have the chance to experience the brilliant SP and A website " " blossom everywhere; golden age; this, say for sure if domestic early crackdown, big don’t say at least many webmaster at home. We should remember it was 04 years before the end of May, the number of excellent talents to waste energy the wrong place, and now the so-called big webmaster many are 04 years ago began to engage in regular station. This is a watershed. So now a lot of old webmaster feel how people can make a 5 digit every month, the gap here must be accounted for most of the……… But 04 years ago to do GG that money does not drip, because SP advertising is definitely more than GG ~~~

      04 years after the start of the crackdown on the country’s record, do not underestimate this record Oh, this is another reason for income gap and income less, at that time because many in the police crackdown, but most of them are students, for the first time in the police and the general pay off a fine out of fear, so some simply do not stand, some more strenuously do stand, as well as in the wait-and-see (wait for miss time ~), which try to do station is divided into 2 categories, one is to do the domestic normal station, and is transferred to a foreign country. (those who are not afraid of death here is not to say that) when transferred abroad, and the main foreign advertising is nothing more than GG and sub pay, so many dollars in cash, most large flow E station is from this time began to engage in. But at that time have to do foreign E station people do not how much, because the domestic SP profit or some ~ ~ so is also a crackdown after the relatively stable stage of development.

      05 —07. In June, during which the developed foreign natural GG is too many to count. The domestic film SP cop-out later is popular ringtones, ringtones fertilizer is the music class site, know a lot of owners earn 6 digits (I don’t just earn more than what is in the University made by how much this time ~ ~), and is relatively flat, can be called grassroots " second spring ".

      OK to now, the movie SP has disappeared, the bell began to decline, GG began to K, the original K receives the ticket can get money, from 07 years in May began to be to start a large-scale K number of votes.
like all things all together, then sell sell sell meters behind the station program server much. As the 30 years Hedong Hexi 30 years ah, is that a bird in Hexi Hedong network. Ah ~


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