Small WiFi have a brilliant future inventory WiFi based venture

According to the

China Internet Research Center "thirty-second Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of June 2013, China’s number of Internet users reached 591 million, 464 million mobile phone users, mobile phone has become the first Internet terminal. Echoes, another mobile internet terminal Tablet PC development is also very alarming.

rapid development of mobile Internet, thanks to the termination of the traditional Internet equipment from the shackles of the cable liberated. However, the user can not avoid the use of audio and video images to download a large flow of traffic, a series of higher tariff issues. WiFi technology plays an important role in solving this problem.

now, many entrepreneurs are digging WiFi entrepreneurial opportunities can be summed up in two areas, the three places, the market of the three. Two areas mainly refers to the terminal devices such as: portable WiFi, mobile WiFi, mobile applications such as: Wifi master key, photo sharing, etc.. Three places refers to the home, the company and the public place, then brings the family, the enterprise use, the commercial three markets. The following Tencent technology for your inventory around the WiFi as the center of entrepreneurial form:

routing HiWiFi


HiWiFi is a smart router, as intelligent mobile phone, in addition to the built-in memory, the embedded operating system architecture, the function of a single module, can by the user to install or uninstall plug-ins, even support firmware upgrade.

by installing a variety of plug-ins, HiWiFi can not only provide the function of the common wireless network, also supports the general Internet speed, ordinary download acceleration, "science and the Internet, video ad filtering, mobile phone remote control, VPN, intelligent speed over the wall and so on, these third party applications to complete some of the traditional router to do things.

HiWiFi founder Wang Chuyun is the practice of thinking of using the Internet to make the router take online sales, in its official website opened a "geek community", a variety of fans at the top, a router, engage in a variety of activities gifts raiders.

WiFi sharing wizard


WiFi sharing wizard is a PC can achieve WiFi sharing applications. No external devices, open the software after only one click to share WiFi can easily be shared in the PC wireless network to provide mobile devices such as tablet, mobile phones, etc.. Sharing WiFi at the same time, users can also manage the access device through the WiFi sharing wizard, if you find a suspicious device rub network can be shielded in a timely manner.

WiFi sharing wizard in 2012 on-line mobile client products, the product is the main direction of mobile office and WiFi Club

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