A small bowl of porridge start on the road two or three


text / Wang Xiaobin (reflecting fun technology CEO)

Wang Feng is presumably Lei Jun millet envy: on a headline is too easy. Just do a bracelet, or by the way into the field of strategic intelligence Home Furnishing announced, at least 180 media is in fashion, raise a Babel of criticism of.

Big company

a light customer service on thousands of people, shouting "we are pioneering company" slogan, the two business line currently the hottest thing, about north of Guangzhou Shenzhen numerous start-up companies ready to tell the story of VC, the method of red rice incidentally hand handle guidance from several hundred to 79 large and small companies on Huaqiang North copycat solutions company, not to be called the ball was strange.

of course, as a millet only three years billions of dollars, in addition to product skills and ability to execute Rebs and the team, is the most telling stories, shouting slogans, Internet marketing, a part of this kind of disputes is the spread of the genuine media from the media people known to bright my throat is made the fire naturally or half unconsciously fill firewood.

Remember Lei Feng

network famous female man Lin rokkyo said, grumble, but don’t stand to replace the truth, really think this is a big company with a small company, it is a virgin disease, get treatment! For all entrepreneurs, not just complain, complain all day and cry. It is not the princess disease, treat as early as possible, don’t start, but looks like the pig pig home! It was NetEase Ding pig.

true warriors, dare to face the bleak life. The real entrepreneurs, in fact, from the mind of the idea of entrepreneurship, it should not have to go all the way naive idea. Reality is always cruel, you should know.

view: entrepreneurship is not the long road

in addition to the development of Mars such things, the basic earth can grow and grow into an industry thing, cross-border non cross-border giants, it will be involved, nothing wrong, only sooner or later. As a start-up company, from the first to live on their own, you have to have such knowledge. Just mentioned in the two directions, wearable and smart home, do not dare say other homes, millet will certainly do.

millet is a consumer to intelligent hardware based company, as long as it is able to fit millet mobile phone and MIUI operating system, through the millet brand and software services to bring data and profits for the company’s products, millet will try to believe. After all, millet up tens of billions of dollars of valuation story, in addition to the Internet thinking to do mobile phone, more is to intelligent hardware based ecological system software as the core, additional contributions of tens of millions of users of big data and domestic ranked third fourth B2C mall.

so, for such an interesting and intelligent wearable startups, now launched millet bracelet, enter the smart Home Furnishing that we expected (not to mention the intelligent remote control, intelligent socket and so on the small periphery).

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