love my home network won the A round of financing to build Home Furnishing building materials busi

affected by the overall economic downturn and the downturn in the market, more and more famous website which has a strong impact on 2012 for most e-commerce sites, more bubbles appear gradually, tough winter comes. In August 30th, the field of building materials Home Furnishing’s website — I love my home network, and space five-star funds to complete the A round of financing contract, to produce beautiful performance results in a weak market.

homeopathic vertical portal and e-commerce bold fusion

I love my home network ( was founded in 2003, is to install the information platform for Shanghai based Agel Ecommerce Ltd owned by Hong Yang, provide Jiezhuang knowledge, home improvement information will need to be large number of family decoration people gather closely together, become home decoration professionals "". On this basis, to provide real-time updates of tens of thousands of kinds of home improvement building materials price information as well as the line of home improvement services, the real home decoration industry to become a portal.

The fusion of

vertical portals and electronic commerce is a bold attempt I love my home network, according to the Shanghai Statistics Bureau under the Shanghai business to provide data also show that I love my family in the major building materials market share Home Furnishing website from 2009 fourth position 8.6%, gradually behind the competition website to reach 2011 ranked second in the market. The share reached 12.5% and the rising trend. Relying on the home information platform mature, rooted in Shanghai gradually radiation, has established a sub station in 28 large and medium-sized city. These signs all illustrate the success of this model and the trend.

strong combination of building materials in the field of building the first online mall

home improvement building materials are different from the standard products, but also different from the general fast selling products, showing its own unique characteristics: focus on personal experience, the bulk of consumer characteristics, the particularity of logistics and distribution. In order to meet the consumers "would like to obtain a large number of professional consulting, must experience products" of consumer psychology, I love my home network to carry out "combining online and offline mode, play the role of online shopping mall on the occasion, two" concentrated shopping sales expansion, and the guarantee of the hall and, more emphasis on time. With the help of my love of my family, as well as in the integrity of the business to win a good reputation, I love my home for 6 consecutive years of e-commerce grew by an annual growth of about 1.68 times ~ ~ ~ 2.5 times. Online shopping mall has a total of 300 brands of goods totaled more than 3 kinds of commodities, websites rely on low-cost characteristics of e-commerce, has the full realization of the promotion of goods and goods in the price, even the normal sales of goods, most also achieved the lowest price in the city.

I love my home network to get the Shanghai commercial investment group’s space star fund favored further confirmed its real business value, get financial support at the same time, it has a lot of business resources to support and support. After the integration of resources, will be able to bring more benefits and better service for consumers

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