Summed up the new network to make money in seven ways

is now the computer has everyone working life cannot do without the thing, more and more people began to come into contact with the network to make money in this industry, a lot of people want to make money through the computer network, but the network to make money is not like many novice friends like who can do, who do make money, after all, rely on the computer only a few people earn a lot of money, so today I share with you now for newbies through seven ways to make money online, in fact, every direction is done can make money, the key is to see if you have the determination,


, the first submission if your writing good enough, enough new thinking, logic is strong enough, you can choose the specialty to write something, as a young writer. For example, some of the network is left in the network of fiction writers, they are just starting from the amateur.

second, now the site of the plane design, you can do web design, program design and so on a website to help others, such as common pig Witkey, above every day there will be a lot of work in this area


third, to do their own stand to do is to make their own site to enhance the amount of access to the browser, as long as this up, then find your ads will be more.

fourth, the interpersonal relationship if you and do not meet technology, there is no good literary talent, but your good karma, you have to be used by your network, help the company to contact the business, profit from.

fifth, this game is a way of making money through entertainment, can play their own game in the online sale of virtual items, can also help people to play the game currency, free upgrade etc..

sixth, online shop as long as you have a good source, you can choose to Taobao, pat this shopping platform to open a shop, make money by selling.

seventh, through some Wangzhuan platform, using know their own understanding of the task, do earn commissions in Witkey, eight quit online. These are now common is also commonly used in several ways, as long as you are willing to study, take the time to find. It is possible to find a suitable project. The world is big, always have their own place, and network wide, can also have their own place to make money. Finally, this article from the original, eye cream bar:, reproduced please specify!

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