Shi Yuzhu people big big lag behind how to know

Shi Yuzhu said that people are in constant failure to grow, after experiencing the failure of reflection in order to really see things, see yourself. He also said he is now truly "coward". Savvy and hard work is an essential quality of entrepreneurs, with both of which means that more than half of success. The following is an excerpt from Shi Yuzhu interview:

Liu Chuanzhi taught me to work hard

Remember that

is the most difficult in my 1997, when preparing melatonin do, I find Liu Chuanzhi deeply talked once, ask some of his corporate culture. Later, our company’s corporate culture is to absorb a lot of his company.

is the first thing to do, do not say. This is very soil, but very practical, this picked up from Liu Chuanzhi, he told me that this standard. Because I used this to my men, I clap breast, I must do many sales next month, and not completed until next month, nothing seems to have not finished, then he again months to clap breast, this is equivalent to engage in below cheat on above shooting again and lie below, the atmosphere was not very good, no fighting.

later, after I talked to Liu, I decided to do this. Branch to report to the above sales, I told them that you can report less, but it must be reported. After the formation of a good atmosphere, the company is very practical in this regard. Liu Chuanzhi also reminded me that doing business in China is still a good low-key, low-key little trouble, too much trouble too high-profile. Really do not listen to the old man, at the expense of the eyes, this is the most profound in my career after the enterprise.

the lessons of the past achievements today cause

no wonder everyone used to call me "history bold.". I have been very ridiculous before a person, not in accordance with the laws of the economy, people feel more bold, how much production. If at that time I called the history of bold, since I do things like giant success, all of a sudden do a dozen industry, is to engage in diversification, management is also very rough.

in the worst of times, I always a person in the room, in my past, I think that is wrong, if I want to start it, where I was to be overcome, which error can not be made, what are the disadvantages of my past.


I think on this section, including internal (employees) and open criticism and self-criticism meetings, let me down the Ministry criticized me, this process for me, although that is not completely, but at least I the whole people’s way of thinking has a great change, including work habits, some practice ah, great changes. Looking back now, it is from a silly boy into a relatively rational thing