nternet entrepreneurship after the Spring Festival this year will be more welcome to jump crazy

can see a large number of people are leaving, more people ready to leave. This year’s job hopping will be even more crazy." 3W coffee co-founder Baueller told the Beijing morning news reporter. Baueller was born in 3W will be more focus on the Internet cafe recruitment platform pull hook net.

how would you describe this madness? "People quit month", this is March to pull hook net recruitment section name.

ushered in the climax after the Spring Festival

large number of start-up companies eager for a fight at high, to unimaginable salary to dig "

over the weekend, walking in the rare quiet Zhongguancun Venture Street (Haidian book city Beijing earlier), if you are not entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial dreams of young people seem to feel shy looked up to walk. Ella Bao said, if not the Spring Festival, every afternoon 4 points to 6 points, the street each cafe are difficult to find a seat, a large number of young people here, talk about the ideal job, about entrepreneurship, looking for investors……

as the entrepreneurship yard exaggeration reads: "I feel Beijing is crazy, seems to age more than five years, under the age of thirty, to about three thousand, 46 English level, know KK (known as the network spokesman Kevin Kelly), had access to the media and the Internet advertising company of friends have a business, Nongchao, with angel investors for a cup of coffee."

but in fact, the proportion of turnover in the crowd really become entrepreneurs is very small, the festival is really ushered in the climax of job hopping.

March will be the climax of a large number of recruitment, startups are eager for a fight, at high to unimaginable salary to dig." Ella Bao said, "in the field of Internet, most of the projects are investors, and many products are needed to develop and market a set of jobs to bring products to market, so once the enterprises lack of the talents, will not force people to dig. Therefore, in the Internet circles, a newly graduated college students will be able to get 150 thousand annual salary is the basic level. Although it seems to be incredible in the past and other industries."

average 18 months will be a

now the frequency and motivation of the Internet are somewhat out of control

in the circle of Internet recruitment, a job can be directly removed before the 6 times the monthly salary seems to happen at any time in the side. But Bao also admitted that the Internet is now the frequency and motivation to quit some out of control, the workplace needs to be good, promising to jump.

from a macro point of view, this year’s entrepreneurial army is still raging, in the industry view, the Internet companies dig feet, rob people will become more intense. From the individual job seekers, according to a survey of Ella Bao users on the platform, after 85, 90 not to in an enterprise to do the idea of retirement.

"now after 35 years of work in the workplace,"