Start the 4 elements grassroots entrepreneurial success must down

as the saying goes: "everyone firewood high flame", for a successful startups, Niubi entrepreneurial team is essential, a boss sword refers to employees, with a team of almost all team boss dream will laugh. How can such a team have it?

1 looking for partner

is a partner in the entire business process the most important part, I mentioned in the previous few startups because competitors and die, so what is the most common startup death? Is the co-founder of the business; I Dongsheng personal observation, one of the most common reason is the cash flow fracture.

is looking for a partner is indeed a very painful thing, so many people, especially students, would finally be free to choose a people who do not know before as a partner, this is actually a very ironic thing, because we all know that recruit employees to interview the two round, but there will be called the co-founder the "click", this is certainly not so realistic and long.

as far as I am concerned, the probability of such a company’s dissolution is very high. I suggest Dongsheng entrepreneurs in the choice of partners should be cautious, and have a good partner, even not a partner. A very important point to find a partner is to know your partner. So the best way to find a partner is to find an old classmate, or an old colleague.

2 as little as possible recruit

try not to recruit people, or try to do the most things with the least people. Of course, not every company is suitable for a few people, but at least in the early stage, the target should be as few as possible. Because in the early stages of entrepreneurship, if the early recruit wrong, the cost is very high. For example, the early recruitment of shares sold, early employees if the team to leave the damage caused by.

a lot of people say to shape corporate culture, but in fact what is the corporate culture?

I think the style of the early employees on the shape of the corporate culture, the early team should not be too much pursuit of diversification or differentiation, skills can complement each other, but work style must be unified.

3 recruit the best person

personally, I’ve always thought the best thing to do is to find the best person (or the right person). I am in Dongsheng, with their own experience, it is recommended that entrepreneurs should spend 25% of their energy on recruitment.

only truly understand the importance of people, and respect the job seekers who can really do a good business. So entrepreneurs, please take care of each candidate, they may not be able to become your employees, but it may be your customers, or at least your reputation.

the best way to find people is usually introduced by acquaintances. The entrepreneurial companies choose the standard is more important attitude, rather than experience.

general company will look at the recruitment of only three points:

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