Tell you a true second tier cities entrepreneurial ecology and money come from

Abstract: in Beijing, a good story may be able to get a sum of money, and such things can not appear in the capital is not active in Wuxi. Investors on the second tier cities in the Internet business initiative of the general attitude: do not refuse, but not high, will go to the field investigation, discussion, but not the focus of investment.


titanium media note: people start this thing, in the north of Guangzhou and other second tier city basically is two days, north of Guangzhou near entrepreneurs "heaven", but relatively speaking, capital and talent problem is magnified in the second city. Titanium media reporter visited the field and a large number of interviews, we are trying to restore a real entrepreneur’s second tier cities:

went through two streets and finally found a restaurant that was still open. The boss told me the store only sell fast food, all around the office, almost no one night, most of the stores closed early.

in 1995, in the Wuxi hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park on the basis of the establishment of the New District of Wuxi, and later was named national innovation demonstration area sensor network, national innovation park.

is not coincidentally, I just caught the Wuxi coldest days, braving the cold wind walk in the District of Wuxi street, rarely see people and vehicles, can see the crowd together by twos and threes go to the cafeteria to eat only at noon, Beijing and Zhongguancun Venture Street rentouzandong contrast.

Wuxi New Street deserted is the best portrayal of the second tier cities entrepreneurial atmosphere.

of entrepreneurial innovation, put forward "after all set off a wave of entrepreneurship, according to incomplete statistics, in 2015 the domestic new types of business incubator more than 4 thousand. And before 2015, after 28 years of development of the incubator is less than the number of 1600, it is no wonder that some people laugh this year, more than the incubator entrepreneurs".

innovation and entrepreneurship is the only way in the next 5~10 years, although not yet profitable, but if it is not involved in the future is to give up the next few decades of development opportunities. National entrepreneurship has become the "twenty-first Century Daliangangtie", Zhou Ranbian cold accelerated the bursting of the Internet bubble of venture capital market, the incubator "library" in Shenzhen has become the first to fall the incubator. This also make people aware of, one office space, Free Church highfalutin entrepreneurship courses for entrepreneurs have no attraction. Especially in the second tier cities rent low, entrepreneurs can easily rent to a good office space.

money and people have been the two key factors to determine the success or failure of entrepreneurship, more money, better people can run faster. Capital, talent problems in the second tier cities are infinitely enlarged.

ice breaking financing dilemma

just to find a coffee shop near Zhongguancun to sit down, can be seen holding a notebook computer show dance >

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