Female menstruation chest to sag health network

Article 1: incorrect bra purchase and wear

a lot of MM said his chest small, constantly trying a lot of breast enhancement methods, but I found that a lot of small chest MM MIMI, a big reason is that they never pay attention to their underwear! MM to buy a lot of clothes would rather wander feet off, just buy a bra was not even have a try…… So I think MM accounts for the vast majority of the MM distribution.

actually, the right underwear is the first step in breast enhancement, if not this, everything is empty talk.


must see the most important: how to choose their own cups?

during the breast is the best choice to adjust the role of underwear, that is to say, than the general underwear strap wide it, usually three of four buttons, as long as you wear, you will find that your chest do not you think so small, many of MM can be adjusted to add one or two cup……… When wearing underwear, the underwear buckle, and then put the strap adjustment, body flexion, hand to the back, armpit, stomach……… All the meat is stuffed into the extra cup, ha ha.

many A cup MM, because no attention around the chest to tuck their meat, finally getting smaller, breast Dongdong not used effectively because the fat is to flow back or belly up.

recently, received a lot of women’s phone, their problems invariably focused on a focus – "I am suitable for what kind of breast enhancement methods". Then, the reporter specially to the industry’s beauty of people ask a lot, ask them to combine different situations, writing such a book, "breast cheats", perhaps, you are still beautiful "trick" on them.

second: protein intake is less than

this obviously, a lot of MM to lose weight do not eat meat, do not eat oil, also eat vegetable oil, the basic chest full of fat, so often heard MM say don’t lose weight, chest is smaller, in fact, during the weight loss also must pay attention to protein intake, the chest will not shrink!

a glass of milk a day, a few slices of lean meat, soy products, you can ensure that your protein intake, do not ignore yo.

third: sports injury

I think this is quite a lot of people ignore the one, in fact, a lot of sports have great harm to the chest, chest big people will sag, small chest will become smaller and smaller.

running, skipping, in fact, are reducing the chest movement, we should pay special attention to yo, exercise must wear underwear to adjust, protect your chest yo.

fourth: error massage

MM a lot of attention to massage this ring, ask me where the points, etc.. But the approach is not on point because sometimes they do not know, do not know if it means more failures caused by the more abundance, for example, MM is a lot of beating. Pat can not, the more the smaller the beat, massage to circle, and upward, must

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