Rose Chan was the wolf hit the chest six details teach you to identify the color male female H

news background: Recently, the 19 year old Hongkong actress Rose Chan in the movie Hengdian filming followed by a class of artists snack during the alleged drunk Benny Chan, Joe Ma and Benny Chan hug and kiss, rudely to Rose Chan Shi shou. Rose Chan held a press conference on 23, to sue Benny Chan. 24, 2009, Benny Chan opened the conference to apologize.

Rose Chan was our event response

Hong Kong media reported Rose Chan was our chest hit the event

Benny Chan has responded after the micro-blog said he was wrong, blame themselves too hospitable, exaggerated expression. Then Rose Chan and his master Lin Xian to apologize, saying there was no inordinate ambitions.

Joe Ma admitted that night to drink wine, but he is sober, just to see Rose Chan unhappy, out of sympathy, and did not make her rude behavior.

Rose Chan also said in micro-blog, the matter has been handed over to lawyers and police. I hope the media can give them space, and thank you for your concern.


inventory was mooch female star

star as a public figure, often beautiful present size occasions, naturally attracted fellow actor, company executives or brand gold eyes, by the work will take the opportunity to mooch have occurred.

girl was kissing

female anchor Jingwei Jingwei was kissing

April 9, 2009, the French film "lonely two brothers" the director and starring French comedian Lowndes BEDIA known to every family (left) and Eric Judor (in) amused in an interview, CCTV host Tu Jingwei is kissing.

star Hailu Qin was robbing

actress Hailu Qin was robbing

March 12, 2008, Beijing, the famous Swiss watch brand in Huamao shopping center, Hailu Qin was invited to attend and receive a good table. With Hailu Qin like makeup BLUELOVER, CEO was "peeping" with hilarious lips.

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