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in contact with female friends in the process, often can hear a lot of female friends say they have anemia phenomenon. In general, most female friends are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, if not timely treatment, it is likely to make the disease more and more serious, resulting in a more serious burden. So what are the reasons for women with iron deficiency anemia? Let’s look at the following


women with iron deficiency anemia

1, improper diet

once the anemia of women, it is likely to be caused by improper diet. For example, the appetite will be the physiological condition and weather changes and psychological reasons and other factors affected, there are a lot of people will appear poor appetite, and some people will only eat their favorite food. Nowadays, more and more people advocate the diet should be based on plant-based foods, if the long-term eating less animal food will also cause symptoms of anemia.

2, blind weight loss

for young female friends, often expect to lose weight to get the perfect figure. But because the girl was very high in iron, if dieting to lose weight, eat to iron containing foods will be less special, even favoritism and picky eaters situation. If long-term through such a way to lose weight, it will make young women anemia.

3, menstrual blood loss

The most important reason for iron deficiency anemia, according to a new study, is that

is caused by excessive menstruation. In general, normal menstruation once in a month, menstrual blood loss in less than a week, the average menstrual blood volume in 20-60 ml. From a medical point of view, if the amount of more than 80 ml per menstrual time, bleeding time more than 7 days, it can be said that menorrhagia, it will cause anemia.

these are the reasons why women with iron deficiency anemia. For anemia of female friends, must eat some iron rich foods in daily life, such as liver and spinach and red dates, has the function of enriching blood.

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