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the beauty of each of the MM want to have a proud chest. However, not everyone was a born beauty. Do not worry, the following small series to teach you a few breast recipes, tell you how to make breast food delicious breast dishes.

Meixiong recommended 1, green papaya breast enhancement

tricks Xiangjie: Green Papaya peeled, seeded, Diced Pork, diced, hot hot fishy. The pot boil water, put ribs, papaya, onion, ginger, cooking wine into, with small fire stew 3 hours, thrown into the salt seasoning food. Special reminder, fresh papaya slightly bitter in winter, is a normal phenomenon, can be at ease to eat.

Meixiong recommended 2 avocado breast,

avocado: Avocado half, dig out the pulp, add Milk 250ml, walnut amount, whipped into a juice drink, available honey sauce.

The effect of

analysis: Taiwan’s first beauty Xiao Qiang often drinking the avocado juice, the breast enhancement effect is obvious to people. Avocado rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, can increase breast tissue elasticity; vitamin A can promote secretion of female hormone, vitamin C can prevent deformation of the chest, vitamin E helps breast development. Milk and walnuts contain proteins and lipids can promote breast cavernous expansion, also have breast enhancement effect.


recommended breast BRANDIED breast

tricks Xiangjie: BRANDIED amount of water, microwave for 2 minutes, or made BRANDIED eggs, fermented glutinous rice Glutinous Rice Balls. Sooner or later menstrual cramps before eating a better effect.

analysis results: Tianxin devil figure, BRANDIED contr. Many nutritionists agree. Because BRANDIED female breast contains cells can promote the fullness of the natural hormone, its alcohol content can also help to improve the breast blood circulation.

Meixiong recommended 4, bean Saussurea breast

tricks: Organic Black Beans 1 cup, snow lotus, lily, jujube is appropriate, green papaya 1/2, with half a catty of sugarcane skin (Qie Chengduan).


1, black beans soak in water for 6 hours, snow lotus, water lily, jujube 30, green papaya peeled, cut into small Ding Kuai spare.

2, sugar cane wash Sichuan hot, soak into the water and then cleaned, a cane were cut into 4 pieces, in the water pot and cook 40 black beans.

3, after Heizao, snow lotus, Lily and cook for 30 minutes.

4, add papaya Ding, boil for 10 minutes.

analysis results: green papaya can cure stomach disease to help digestion and promote breast development; black kidney yin; lotus protein rich; Lily lungs Qi, Heizao, used to replace natural cane sugar, the soup in the refrigerator can be used as a beverage to drink, also for the mature beauty Oh


(internship editor: He Lili)

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