Beware of female nipple itch with two Health Network disease

the United States "network MD network" the latest paper, published by the American expert interpretation of Jane? Harry? Dr. Horner Sen. She believes that nipple itching should be the heart of the following two diseases may.

a, eczema. Is the most common cause of breast itching, will occur in all age groups. People with allergies or family history were more likely to have eczema. Including environmental triggers eczema: dry skin, bath time is too long, dyes and spices, skin care products in the detergent, wool and foam environmental allergens and pressure etc.. Medical and medical history. Most of the treatment is local treatment, such as steroid creams. In addition, experts suggest that patients with self-care and protection, for ease of eczema is also very important. The most important thing is to avoid known allergies. Try to keep the skin moist. Try not to use soap as much as possible, do not soak in hot water for a long time.

two, Paget’s disease. Is a rare breast, nipple and areola hypopigmentation spots, a mesh. This is the most worrying cause of nipple itching. The first symptoms of the nipple and areola itching or burning, and accompanied by crusts appear. No improvement after drug treatment. Lesions may also appear yellow or with bloodshot secretions. The disease involves only one side, the patient is between 50 – 60 years old. It can be diagnosed by clinical breast examination, patient history, breast X light and ultrasonic examination. If you still have doubts, you can check the diagnosis by magnetic resonance imaging.

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