The establishment method of the economic crisis of the webmaster teach you the most money

from the beginning of last year, the economic crisis will lie deep down, so do anything at the moment to fine management, especially the webmaster friends, as a female webmaster, may be more aware of how to start from the minor places, suggest finer station program


1: space domain name: only choose the right, do not choose expensive!


first of all, from the choice of the domain name, we all know that.Com is the best, accord with the Internet habits of memory, the search engine is love, but for a webmaster,.Cn cheap for us more attractive, because even if the domain name is not the most important. It’s like you’re going to the global beauty pageant, the clothes look great, and you can’t get the beauty championship, the key is you have to have it,


built the same website, the success of the site or not, ultimately depends on the influence of the site, so from an economic point of view, I do not hesitate to choose 1 yuan.Cn domain name.

chooses space, the cheapest money seems to be free space, and I tried to find free space, but it was right to find out that "no free lunch in the world". Later, I decided to buy a cheap space, just like buying a foreign trade fashion clothes. Go to the club, look at the west, check the quality of the price, and finally I carefully bought a 20 yuan / month /1G/ Almighty space. Although the price is not the lowest, but at least the quality so far has not been a big problem, I still admire my own.

two: website content building: easy and economical collection of

I really don’t know. It’s as simple as blogging. But when I really tried, Yi Yun, the new cloud, I found that the original site really as blogging is not the same thing. To consider the perspective of the economy, I study, CMS only gradually fly the free version of CMS is exactly the same in function and version of the charges, charges only, so from a purely economic point of view, I will not return to choose Jianfei Gu CMS.

Although the use of

learning acquisition program took me two days, but when you see hundreds of articles so just copy and paste finished, I often think, sina NetEase Sohu every day as I do not capture many of the province wages? Of course this depends entirely on the acquisition of the contents, is not competitive, only but a strategy of early.

three: making money on websites: making more money with less input

when the site after a certain popularity, thought is how to make money, how to make less money earn more money? After I found that web game channel platform is good, can earn some money, but also to active users, I am looking for a bubble to play, I wonder if this is not to bubble play advertising.

actually, the most important thing is to be a web game channel

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