Case how do you get millions of readers to read simplified books


Jane started the book early on, the position was very clear, and Mr. Zhang, founder of Jane’s book, said he liked writing and was a platform dedicated to creativity. Jane is a quality creative community. Here, you can write an essay, a photograph, a poem, a painting, and so on…… Everyone is an artist in life, with infinite creativity.

Several features of

in dealing with information flow

The interpretation of the timeliness of

1. information is now released and the information released in the past is divided into two channels, and past information is not easy to recommend.

Jane book in the timeliness of information on the design is not how to optimize, resulting in the situation is that a lot of good articles will be sinking down, the classic gene article will not be recommended for a long time. Information products have the attributes of this product, but in the early product design has not been taken seriously, YouTube in the timeliness of information on the above is very timely.


book, which has the same problems as other information platforms, has not been overly designed to deal with the timeliness of information. Once an article has been published, users will soon be covered by other articles, which will be hard to turn over for other users. YouTube and today’s headlines weaken the timeliness of information flow, so that excellent information flows through the test of time. Not only is the flow of information in Internet age we use electronic products produced, as for thousands of years, our ancestors left to the books, good things are worth Duokanjibian, devoid of good things not in the wheel of history.

2. is difficult to see platform company support for the topic, including a lot of UGC platforms are not done, youtube, google+ in this regard to do a good job.


Jane book page topic management person in charge, so there are many of these topics is very good, very poor quality (who is free so awful, all of this work), but the lack of a healthy flow of official platform guidance, leading to many outstanding special number of subscriptions is less.

also tries to filter quality articles by managing the columns, so as to achieve the goal of manually screening excellent articles. But this design is a bit behind, not necessarily meet the needs of users.

A good book Jane

column is the largest can link the upstream and downstream of the content, to give readers a better understanding of a category, better content recommendation to the reader, but there is a small detail to note is that if Jane book special inside of each article submission to write some recommended language is not so monotonous.

In what way does the

Jane book highlight outstanding content? How does the triage design


recommends to the topic page: through the creation of the topic

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