How to choose foreign channel to register domain name

from the adjustment of Baidu to the regulation of domain name; from the investigation of pornographic websites information to the copyright issues of audiovisual websites; from the network start-ups that caused numerous young webmasters to rise to the disappointment of domestic network policies. Every day we encounter new things. These days, including me, we are busy with moving websites and checking illegal information. Service QQ flashing is not a good thing, is certainly not legitimate website words appear, even the site was linked to the black links they haven’t found, was also found supervisor. CN domain name for personal access, even after the opening of registration, whether it is one yuan or 10 Fen, have hit the enthusiasm of our webmaster, in the near future, CN domain name is no longer the fastest growing number of domain name registration. News data from these days show that the CN domain name has made a lot of corn investors to abandon, have begun to turn to COM and other international domain names, and even some small countries suffix domain name by no small favor.

also has a lot of stationmaster to begin to register domain name directly in abroad, because the rumor discloses, the domain name that registers a business to be checked in domestic register later will be checked. Whether space or domain name, has quietly fled abroad, a sale of foreign space friends, these days very busy, and some IDC also began to launch foreign servers. Even today saw the news GOD domain name 0.99 U. S. dollars registration.

foreign registered domain name to consider a few points:

transfer problem. Because we see the birds are, don’t think it is cheap to buy the domain name numb, ask how much of the two years to renew it convenient, transfer, can PUSH to other platforms. I remember once registered a domain name, do not consider this issue, the registrar is personal, when renew contact, do not know how to operate the platform. Very troublesome.

registrar. Many individuals have foreign domain name registration platform, they can register at cheap prices, it is best to register directly, not purchasing.

price question. Prices should be optimistic, foreign space is still depressed, the first year is very cheap, or even free, second years, the price is very high. This is why foreign space does not limit the size of a large space where numerous subdirectories and IP can be opened. Once you have done a lot of websites, second years to transfer is very troublesome, it had taken second years, the price of higher renewals. Author: ItBuLu original from: reprinted, indicating the source.

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