Decoration portal operating ideas sharing

In recent years,

online platform is a decoration, leader of a model such as marmots, tuba rabbit, regulating the family network, the large and small decoration online service platform of small owners like not be too numerous to enumerate; Tuba rabbit, the marmot like operation team, if can operate their own decoration portal platform before one? A friend is to do the development of portal system of decoration, so usually focus on the decoration portal operation more, also operates a local decoration portal, income is also good. Usually communicate with him in the process of learning a number of operational ideas, posted here and share with you;


1, market positioning,

is your website positioning is very important, with a good market positioning, there is a profitable direction. Some webmaster friends also operate the site for a long time, the right thing to do, but is not profitable, the problem lies in the surface layer too open, everything has become a drag on, the final reason is that at the beginning of the site positioning is not clear.

The arena Home Furnishing portal system before

such as our friends, they are mainly to get users to "appointment + bidding" in the form of demand for decoration, and decoration company members in their user center page bid. My friend then recommends the tender information to the designated merchant every day and gets the return. This is a kind of positioning, the goal is very clear, that is, to attract customers to the website to publish the tender information, and then recommend to the business;

2, operation promotion

purchase program template, construction of the portal website, the next is how to operate, the same site in the hands of each one will have a different way of promotion, the final promotion effect will be quite different. In fact, no matter what kind of network marketing techniques, no more than two aspects:

1) online: now is the age of the Internet, if from the Internet, then you will get promotion effect. When the choice of promotion methods must be combined with their own reality, such as capital adequacy, can be considered for promotion, advertising alliance, if money is tight, you can use free means of network marketing, such as SEO, marketing, community forum, WeChat, micro-blog etc.. Of course, pay and promotion methods have a lot of free, we have to choose one or several of the most suitable for their own website promotion methods, so that we will be more targeted, with website localization is the same reason, don’t shop too, that will only make you lose your core strength.

2) offline: This is generally for offline resources. For example, and material business cooperation held regular line renovation activities, or show such cooperation, and decoration company issued preferential activities; in addition to our activities can be combined with the line under the other way of publicity, such as media advertising, sponsorship, of course, the premise is to have some financial support, after the general web formed scale. Consider line >

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