Huang Xiangru crack a vicious circle of small and medium websites

we do anything, to learn to think, to constantly think, constantly improve, than, willing to work together with everyone, make progress together. It takes superhuman intelligence to start a business…

, every entrepreneur and investor has already made great expectations for his website. Because of the deviation of cognition, the website has come to a dead end. According to incomplete survey Roy network statistics, currently the site at least 85% or more different degrees experienced a vicious spiral period, now to 70% of the sites are in a vicious spiral state, especially the small and medium-sized Internet Co, to play the value of the site, it is necessary to understand and solve these problems from the root. Senior Internet incubator experts based on years of Internet combat operations experience, put forward some suggestions for small and medium-sized website, hope that the broad masses of small and medium-sized site entrepreneurs, investors and managers help.

one, capital

After the

of the Internet, the industry was popular the word "burning", so everyone knows that the Internet is a very burn job, but almost all entrepreneurs and investors are not calm analysis and attention. Before 2000, entrepreneurs choose the Internet may only need dozens of millions of net or put the site do succeed, so far, if there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who are the choice of Internet business, but also full of confidence, regardless of who did not listen to the advice and counsel. In fact, really want to invest in the Internet, not tens of millions as a backing, true or not to vote, because will be lost! In fact, the Internet entrepreneurial opportunity before 2000 has passed, now was impossible with Ma Yun Ma Huateng, senior business case as these own business staff, now the Internet entrepreneurs like Shi Yuzhu 5 hundred million, investment in three years, the company to be listed, no funds, or funds will soon run out, then your projects will inevitably enter into vicious spiral, rent a partial office location, office space rent smaller, buy equipment is poor, fewer personnel for a bit, do a promotion the high point, dismissed a bit, how, in such a situation, you also dream of the web site up?


two, talent

many Internet entrepreneurs are in the network company to work for a couple of years, all thought he is a great talent, and then think of yourself when the boss will do better than the original owner, so the entrepreneurial process is usually a defiant, clash, the company never hired well paid people always feel what it will do, why pay so high wages to the people, always think that if the applicant is also working to why talent? As the saying goes, the mountains there, someone outside the person. If a project is so easy to do, who can do Internet business, if encountered financial problems mentioned above, it will be much more money in the vicious spiral, the less likely to hire talent, more talent, performance.

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