ntroduce four factors that increase user’s viscosity to web site

smart businessman will try to keep coming back for your website, keep coming back is also very important, which is the prerequisite to the long-term development of the website, but many websites can not do this, often jump out rate is very high, come and go, go, never returned. This is for a lot of stationmaster distress! I think that retain users is not difficult at all, we will be able to reduce the rate of jump out of your site as long as do the following four elements of


1: website should be beautiful and concise,

beautiful site is naturally everyone love, like a beautiful woman walking in the street, back rate is always high, and even some people for this beauty into the lamppost, shows the power of beauty, so do what you can to beautify their own website, let people open your site there is a beautiful and dazzling attraction, of course is different, some owners think that beauty is so dazzling, the entire site are made of flash, or the entire site is all pictures, looks very dazzling, but I think it is not beauty, beauty should be simple, pure, so the more static

page will be more beautiful!

two: reasonable advertising,

if you love online part-time, you may find some part-time website on half of the page is advertising, and the real content is less and less, still very annoying pop-up ads, some people want to make money, if not already abandoned and left, this site is clearly only in order to a short time to make money, and not for the user to consider, some websites even do some vulgar advertisements to attract people, this is not the, you know these ads may be sealed, so the website wants to do for a long time, so we must learn to rational advertising, generally a page on some good, but also to learn how to integrate advertising and web


three: all for the sake of users,

In fact, the

website it is a service that is for the majority of users of the service, if the service is not good, the user is not satisfied, this site is not the natural development, so we have to do everything for the sake of customers, regardless of the industry website or ordinary resource station is so, just think from different angles. Industry website main audience is professional, then you must stand in the construction site in the industry point of view maintenance, and for the ordinary site, so we must stand in the most people’s habits and experience on


four: rich in content and relevant

website framework and procedures like a skeleton, and the content is the formation of our human skin, the rich content, our people more plump, more healthy, more natural to love, so we must make efforts in the content of the web site, of course, more content does not mean to miscellaneous, out of order has no effect, there is a correlation between the keywords and website content, of course for some forum, we can open a separate section, used to release various >

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