Lu Songsong the original blog is the kingly way

can insist on blogging for a long time, usually in the two category, and narcissism in the other. They don’t need popularity, but because the blog is self pity and raving places, support their long-term "Bo" is to go on the power of the spirit. Another kind of person is the agent who makes money in the blog. They usually need fire popularity to bring advertising revenue, and the support of their long-term "money" is the power of money. But many bloggers ignore it, and use their blogs to advertise for people while their blogs do too. Need "advertisement" a time, otherwise, blog fire not up, advertising done also white.

now has a lot of bloggers, and a lot of people make money from blogging. The most common way is to make a proxy ad in a blog. This blogger is most concerned about the popularity of blog, after all, popularity is equal to click rate, it is equal to money!


of course, blog traffic promotion can not be overnight. However, if you just copy and paste others, and to their original, your blog is not to be attention and love, even if the user accidentally stroll came in, looking at those ubiquitous problems and pictures, I guarantee you will dull and could not come, no original content, and Baidu Google also does not favor you, let alone are included in your blog. Think about it, how can your blog flow up? So, want to blog popular, original content is king,


Lu Songsong here to introduce some Bowen source model.

Entertainment: someone sees the "original" on the first, I speechless. The solution is simple, then write your life and entertainment, they are your most familiar things? You do not have nothing to say? For example, you are a teacher, you can put some of the classroom case, a reflection of education, participate in teaching research records, a section or a public class video experts on the blog lectures etc.. For example, you’re a fan of a star. Based on their own lives and interests to write things, both natural emotional expression, but also has a strong originality, access to a high probability, but also very much like the search engine. Sometimes, maybe just a keyword can bring you a lot of traffic,


social hot spot: if you have a good writing style and have some speculative ability, you should write some social comments on your blog, which will attract your attention. For example, a lot of blogs were reprinted with each other in the "storm video network congestion incident" that had been making a lot of noise recently, but there were not many real originality. However, Lu Songsong has a fully and delightfully comment write bit between friends, pushed to the NetEase blog page, click on his blog shot up to tens of thousands of. However, unfortunately, this friend belongs to the first kind of people in small series. It’s a pity that the traffic is so high. Well, if I can write such sharp comments, I’m sure I can bring more income for myself. Ha ha ~.

, however, to remind everyone that comments can, >

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