ALEXA screen door domestic website ranking fell across the board

morning will check the site’s ALEXA ranking, is their daily practice. Today, my site, ALEXA, dropped by 4W on the day. Let me feel very surprised, because the new me, the last 2 months are not ranked ALEXA outside of 2W, but this time a sudden drop to 4W, I believe it is not their own website, because of the recent rise in traffic, so look not is a common phenomenon in domestic websites, continuous check of several domestic the ALEXA website ranking, all decreased, without exception.


: 8 randomly selected ALEXA website ranking



is my first go9go, from the ALEXA on the 1W rankings, a drop of 33914, in the last 2 months, go9go ALEXA the ranking has been stable in 2W, this suddenly dropped to 4W, obviously abnormal. In addition, take a look at the webmaster network, outdated BBS, China Webmaster Station, there is a very obvious decline. dropped from 11 to 32, and for big websites, the drop was pretty obvious. Sina, Sohu, cool 6 and other websites also have a very obvious decline in rankings.

why is there such a situation, a lot of friends all know, in a few days ago because of the official ALEXA website in China "did not do so in mainland card users are unable to open, until yesterday I returned to normal. Because the ALEXA ranking data are delayed effect, we see today’s ranking, in fact, a few days ago ALEXA collected data analysis out of the rankings. Perhaps because ALEXA official website a few days ago can not open, resulting in ALEXA access to China’s website traffic data when abnormal, which led to a decline in the domestic website in today’s general ranking.

as figure: some industry website ranking dropped significantly


above 4, is now the most mainstream 4 travel class website, found that ALEXA ranking drops are very obvious. However, as the official website of ALEXA reopened in China yesterday, it is believed that the ALEXA ranking of domestic websites will return to its normal state.

finally say an old saying: ALEXA ranking high, does not mean that the site traffic is high, ALEXA ranking low traffic will not be much higher. Many people in the industry are not induced ALEXA rankings, but many website advertising, only reference to this, some foreign venture capital also refer to this VC. I want to go to ALEXA, but the environment forced, sometimes involuntarily.

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