ndependent electricity supplier website operation winning three magic weapons

we all know, vertical class electricity supplier website is the most important traffic and goods, the most important thing is to sell goods, Xiaobian today from other angles on how to control the vertical electricity supplier websites return blood.

we need to be good at analysis and propose the fundamental need to master its website is Jiedi income! The vertical category of industries and products have been a business model, but the trend in the Internet and the mode of operation, numerous vertical electricity supplier site failures, numerous vertical electric PPC weeping are stimulated another batch of vertical electricity supplier in favor of the nerve, and we also know that there are two vertical electricity supplier websites is the key for us to overcome its competitors, one is living longer than others, the other is to sell more than others, so we discuss these two points of divergent thinking:

1: how to live longer than competitors

in the vertical electric business website, the degree of competition is far from other types of business, and more small, more segments of the products of the degree of competition is very small, from competitors is an easy job to do things more talent shows itself, but the premise is that you cannot use combat low operation team, so, how to price reasonable under the condition of living than the competition for a long time? This type of site, mining and analysis of the key word is very simple, and the deployment of the site structure is relatively easy, but we need to do is get to further promote other operating modes of search engine ranking natural flow, effective access to natural search engine rankings the flow is one of the site have higher quality of the content and experience, and the correlation between the products is very important, it can give you The site contributes more to the natural flow of long tail keywords.

for us, the relevance and richness of the website and its products are 3:

1) product association

we all need to know the characteristics of each product so that it can be more effectively related to station products (relative viscosity)

2) signal-to-noise ratio

website content and pictures to form a direct proportion of the relationship, the side to increase product richness, (Illustrated)

3) product knowledge, station correlation,

is a rationalization of the layout of the site structure, is that you can control the site average lead, effective guidance of an important point, the side to enhance the content of the site and its long tail flow

two: how to sell fire

than competitors?

in the layout of web content, we have to do is the construction of the chain and brand promotion, brand promotion activity, and to sell products, but also sell very fire, you need to copy is hanging fried day and art design, and its design philosophy is also very important, which is related to the whether the user will be attracted, the key factor to stick users, this kind of mode of operation, more suitable for Taobao / other platform >

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