Station construction experience perseverance do stand Road

has been diving in Admin5 for almost a year. Come up with a bubble today!


billion net is still the fire, I began to like the web, just what was real, ha ha to the HTML code or stare, a layman

genuine goods at a fair price!

when or the worry free mailbox, I started my webpage copy career!


think back, ha ha, was standing very tired, static pages manually update, unlike now just download a program can! But very interesting, I believe many web enthusiasts are like me with interest to. Then "relatively simple, no complicated classification management, there is no background take the time. The more popular flash music station, most of them are about 37 points that narrow side is the song menu, a bit in the wide side of the play! Like too much, can stick to today are not many, I know there are about skyHITS, Xuanxuan, cococ.. Why would they adhere to today? Why do they win


has two simple generalizations:

1. operating ideas clear;

2., do stand, persevere.

on the first point here is no longer mentioned, after all, I was a fool, I do not see other people’s intentions. If I can find out what other people think, I won’t get mixed up in today’s

for persistent, this is what I can see, this is on the show can see through, their website content updates faster, revision more diligent, and so on

someone says, "", is one thing worth having? Not in the joy of success, but in the harvest of failure."." as a matter of fact, I failed without perseverance.

if I keep my direction all the time, I won’t be reduced to..

, when and are successful, my is still a confused and busy in the hands of the shortage of rice, do not mention this, and I feel ashamed of myself!


, 5 years ago, I was able to do IP, 10000, and now I can only accept 300 IP per day. I know the website is much now, competition is big, natural flow is very difficult to do up,


in fact, now think they really regret, when I applied for a to do a plush network, free online reading Korean novel website traffic is really good! Then, I put the name of the site into 365 cool reading alliance, but also by a single classification of Korean novels added a lot of categories, but the flow of a gone. See a lot of webmaster here

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