Operate local recruitment networks with a vision of development

some time ago in the Admin5 see about 3 large domestic recruitment network only 1 profit, the remaining 2 operating at a loss of the article, not unexpectedly with emotion, his 07 years of contact recruitment network industry, running a local website a lot before this, 07 years as a result of a chance to contact the occasional industry recruitment network perhaps, his impulse started a Guangxi local website, Guangxi talent network http://s.www.0771bc.com, is a small business success! In the context of the financial crisis, it is necessary to friends and share their joy of success


1 domain name is the recruitment network can play the first step

a good domain name, from a small spot, you decide the recruitment network of Baidu keywords ranking is very poor, with only the domain name Guangxi primary network (0771bc.com), the 0771 is the area code for Guangxi, a representative of the significance of the "only includes a means to take the horses Italy, easy to remember. In general, the website of job seekers is easy to remember, in order to solve these problems, personal recommendations, should spend more time in the choice of the domain name on the establishment of local recruitment network, such as the Shanghai recruitment network, you can choose 021job.com, the website promotion operations this is a good foundation


2, Baidu is king, the second step towards success

Baidu is always a key point of local recruitment network can play out, because jobs are generally less likely to try to remember your site, unless your name is really that is particularly good in mind that users usually recruit work, hope to search, as I was in Guangxi and want to find a job, my first reaction is to open Baidu, enter "Guangxi recruitment, Guangxi talent network, Guangxi talent" words, words so you must see your local website, the website to optimize, not ranked first, if you can do second or third per day can bring about 100 million of the traffic, people conclude: local website or to spend time in the optimization of the above keywords, with Baidu, Google does not need to pay too much attention to


optimization attention:

1) local recruitment network must closely focus on your key words to optimize, mainly to talent, recruitment, job search and other words to optimize! Do not be too deliberate, use the usual heart to do the optimization!


2) home page content is advertising content too much, see more keywords, reflected in the home, take a Xuzhou local talent network, for example, you search "Xuzhou Recruitment" you will find a website ranking second, in fact, the only home reflects a "recruitment notice" this word, his ranking will go up


3)   do more anti chain, increase site weight: anti chain is a very important thing, to optimize the website is very important, this point >

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