Talent network 1 1 promotion skills a big analysis


wrote this article, I was thinking about whether to publish it or not. In the choice of topics above, I also had a hard time, in the end what the subject is appropriate. Finally, I chose the "1+1 talent network promotion skills analysis, exposure" to fill the content. Only personal point of view, some of the content is not too strict, hope master people don’t laugh at me.

now recruitment websites is a very popular industry category, is a mess, no partition and targeted, Henan recruitment website can be done in Sichuan, Hunan talent website can do Zhengzhou, with the key is the Henan talent network, Zhengzhou talent network, the competition is fierce. Especially the talent website is competition plus struggle".

is now talking about how the 1+1 network promotes itself in the struggle.

one, traditional media promotion

The origin of 1+1 talent

first introduced first, Zhengzhou talent network 1+1 (www.525hr.com) is the 1+1 after the "1+1 information" and a professional talents, to create the recruitment media, aims to provide more employment means for the enterprise to ensure enterprises to recruit the right talent in the shortest period of time. Zhengzhou market is the first to open SMS, job recruitment, SMS recruitment, voice job, voice recruitment and other functions. Again I have not do for it what is advertising, choose the nearest advantage in the promotion, promotion of traditional media — the so-called newspaper promotion, but also the company First come, first served. Because the company has its own talent consulting weekly, talent weekly publicity influence is very large, a group of people, targeted is relatively strong, it can be said that the effect is immediate. That’s why so many websites like to hype – to attract publicity from the media, especially the traditional media. The promotion of enterprise website should be integrated into the propaganda work of the whole enterprise. In all the advertisements, exhibitions and activities, you should join the company’s website at the obvious place and make appropriate introduction.

two, the promotion of rational use of

hangs posters in its talent market and sends talent weekly newspapers to allow all home seekers and recruiters to know the presence of the site. The talent market is a place where the recruitment of personnel is relatively large, and some targeted job information is issued, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. Let more applicants know – know – understand – get familiar with.

and some other methods, such as the web site to join: envelopes, letterheads, name card, handbags and other various office supplies; building external environment of the enterprise architecture, enterprise, company banner signs, public signs; internal environment construction enterprises, such as internal common signage, shelf signs and so on; all kinds of traffic tools; company staff clothing of various upper; product packaging bags; companies usually gifts on various printed publications on the company……

three, the promotion of network application

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