Ten methods of creating original articles

now search engine attention to content seems to have exceeded the chain, in the case of content is king, the original article is tantamount to improve the weight of the site rankings of heavy weapons. Many webmaster don’t know how to get good original article, summed up my experience, share with you I create original article ten methods. What is original? For spiders, this machine is different, that is, Original: different title, different words, different order…… It’s not hard to get an original.

1, to find the original forum. The forum is the most original place, after all, many people are writing, in addition to reproduced and too short, too water of no value, and the rest can be used for me. There are some original places, that is, blogs. In these two places to find the original, pay attention to the time, generally only see the day published, these articles are reprinted opportunities are relatively small. When you find it, use the title search to see how many copies have been on the Internet, the less the better. For example, my orange house followed a couple of forums and a couple of blogs with tag, and got a lot of original articles.

2, the title of their own to a, smooth, including keywords on the line, this is very important, unique title, is the original logo.

3, the end of the article, as far as possible to write their own, do not bother to write, you can also adjust the order of the next statement, or replace synonyms, so that the first two paragraph and the original text is very different.

4 and the middle paragraph, if they are juxtaposed, can be adjusted to the next paragraph order, without affecting the reading of arbitrary adjustments.

5, if the middle paragraph is in order, you can break up the big paragraphs and integrate the little paragraphs.

6, a lot of content management systems have anti collection function, that is, add some string in the text, which can be effectively used, you can use this function to further change the original appearance of the article.

7, in the article, Matsuo Kachi, to two sentences. Lazy friends can also use the CMS system, the former one and after an article title call out, and then the two title together with a word, such as "a [title] is about [title] and the related issues, there are users to see this article, also recommended and this article: a [title]". In general, when the next part of a similar call, the topic of the article is related to many.

8, if your website weight is high enough, you can also consider squeezing out the original from time. What is original, and the first is originality. If your article will soon be published, you may even consider publishing it directly without modifying it. A lot of friends complain: other people reprinted my article, why is the ranking still before me? To answer this question, it can only be explained from the weight of the website. The content of your web search spider 10 days to grab, reproduced station because the weight is high, an hour grab once, people have preconceived ideas, search engines will naturally find it hair >

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