Two or three line city recruitment website unlimited prospects choose a good website system is the

According to iResearch

launched "2009-2010 China online recruitment industry development report" statistics, 2009 China network recruitment market reached 1 billion 200 million yuan, compared to 1 billion 100 million RMB in 2008 annual growth of 9.2%.

iResearch believes that 2009 Chinese network recruitment market size growth, there are two main reasons: one is to weaken the impact of the financial crisis, Chinese macroeconomic situation led to the good network recruitment market; two is the online recruitment companies Chinese market leading products to improve the quality of service, to carry out diversification. IResearch believes that China network recruitment market long-term trend optimistic, the reason is: first, Chinese has a huge job team and enterprise recruitment, job search and recruitment services to the huge market demand; two, network recruitment after ten years of development, more and more job seekers and employers recognized and accepted.

I think, in terms of network recruitment market relative provincial city, two or three line city recruitment website has more development space and prospects, because the provincial city recruitment market has become saturated, in many places the two or three city network recruitment competition is relatively small, so the development of small and medium-sized city more opportunities.

due to local higher recruitment network localization degree, easy to form a competitive advantage, and the local small and medium sized enterprises investment in advertising or publishing information and not see the popularity of the site, mainly to the effect, so long as they can to small and medium-sized enterprises or companies to bring profit effect, not a problem, so to solve the human resources of enterprises the problem is that the value of the recruitment website platform.

according to the survey, 90% of the local recruitment site procedures are not their own development, is to buy a charging program or downloaded from the Internet free program, because of their high cost development program, and uses is not perfect if it is better to find a ready-made program to use, the current online use program whether it is safe or stability are there is a considerable risk, according to the 360 security guards malicious web monitoring data show that in February 23rd alone, there are 126 related recruitment site was linked to horse, nearly 3000 "hackers malicious code, the recruitment website in addition to web security, select the high safety performance of web application is particularly important.

easy recruitment system V2.5 Version (the official download address: ( launched official demo address to make up for this shortcoming, the system based on Win32 platform, using the latest Microsoft.Net2.0 (Aspx) + MSSQL 2000 runtime environment, greatly improves the safety and stability of the platform. In the installation and use, it has many advantages, such as simple installation, flexible backstage management, universal collection system, etc., and the system is completely open source, which is beneficial for enterprises or individuals to open two times

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