Webmaster to do the station but also to understand share

a few days ago, I wrote an article called to do is webmaster station, but also to understand the rest articles, the effect is on the one hand we should strive to do the station, on the other hand, but also know how to recuperate. Today I would like to say that we should be a station, but also know how to share. Sharing means to enjoy it with everyone. In fact, this kind of enjoyment is a kind of development, spontaneous, and sharing the opposite word is closed, exclusive. Whether in life or in the process of standing, whether it is lessons or experiences, is the joy of success or the pain of failure, I think we should be good at sharing with others. When successful, share, let us learn good experience together, progress together. When failure, share, let us share the pain of failure, together to sum up experience and lessons.

share, is a joy, is a love, but also a realm.

many people do stand, blindly behind closed doors, in accordance with their own ideas to design, not cooked such produce products or with the real needs of users of a mile, or on the Internet early so that do not know how disaster caused by flooding water, shared with others, blindly behind closed doors for the consequences of only yourself to try. There is also a person, too, disdain to ordinary men, not good at communicating with people, don’t share with others, such a person, even if the ability is very high, but it is not a very high achievement.


we do stand in the process also to know how to share, only to share, we can make more friends, only to share, we can learn the most cutting-edge technology, we can only share with more people together to share the joy of network, business opportunities and inner satisfaction. How do we share it with other people during the station? I think the following points are important.

: first do stand must be beneficial to most people’s website, this is to say that to do some useful, rather than doing useless garbage station, station, only to do good for the most people’s website, you will be willing to share with you to facilitate your website, or other business opportunities meet. Otherwise, we will only leave you, make it become the Regal isolationist one.

second: do stand in the process, we must not self enclosed, and we must especially ordinary users and share your thoughts ideas, grasp the needs of the people, make a practical web site, the one and only. In the course of www.wwjh.net Guangzhou exchange of goods and materials, I have been sharing websites with friends and friends to bring convenience to you.

third: do stand in the process, we also want to share with our counterparts in the process to our experience, this might be the joy of success, but also has the pain of failure, these are worth us to share.

we know that spring is not thriving, All flowers bloom together. spring garden, as long as we and our friends, and our colleagues, we share the site in the process.

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