Four methods to teach the female breast massage health net

method 1

right hand with thumb fixed side, tiger’s mouth open, also left four fingers together for one side, massage from the periphery to the central arm along the right chest, to prevent the chest outside the expansion, a do 30. Left chest method.

method 2

hands hold the same shape, starting from the right chest. The left hand from the outside of the right chest to the central push, push to the center, while the right hand from the right chest below the left chest push up, to be pushed to the clavicle. That is to say, the hands push the right chest. Repeat 30 times, all the way up. Change the left chest.

method 3

hand like a shape, fingers slightly separated, can cover the chest. The right hand is slightly bent over, covering the chest, left chest to back from the bottom along the direction of sliding motion on cleavage. Repeat 20 times. Change the left chest.

method 4

hands around the right chest circle massage, massage to the chest, until all the massage oil is absorbed, and then change the left chest.

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