The core of SEO is teamwork and mplementation

in small and medium sized companies, why some SEO programs or plans fail? Except SEOER due to the limited capacity of plan or plan to have the problem, most of the reason is that the SEO scheme or plan team and poor enforcement and lead to unsatisfactory results.

teamwork is the most important

The heroic age of

Internet has long gone, and this is an era of teamwork and implementation. However, many companies have a low level of teamwork, resulting in poor overall combat effectiveness, or most people simply do not have team consciousness, there is no way to talk about teamwork.

SEO things now popularity is very high, in many people’s eyes, the essence of SEO is to send the chain. As a result, will be issued outside the chain, do anchor text, understand a few nouns, that is, SEO, or that is very understanding of the seo. So, in a company or a team, the position of the SEO becomes more embarrassing, if the SEOER is not enough to convince the public level (because the concept of SEO has been very common, the most basic editing have some knowledge of SEO, SEO) in the development of a project, it is difficult to carry out in the team of course; it is not to say that can convince the public SEO can play a very good team fighting capacity, also need SEO scheme and the execution of the team match, can play the biggest effect, there may be a few personal webmaster or SEO in their own station or a small range optimization to do, but it is not possible in the team.

a good team of SEO is actually going through three stages:

the first stage, team running in. Whether SEO is airborne or internally generated, or recruited together, it takes a certain period of time to run in. From the mutual understanding of each other, to gradually familiar with their work habits and work ability, attitude and a series of problems, this is a team of each other in work through a certain amount of time to master the information. This is the one from each other may not adapt to the working process to adapt slowly, especially for a SEO, because of the need to consider in the development of SEO program is the whole team, of course also need a strong leadership team, if the SEO itself is the core of the team or the competent figures will be better.

second stage, team work. After running in, the team began to adapt to each other’s own way of work, the overall team’s working ability and team efficiency has been basically laid. At this time the team has been able to begin to play a more stable performance, while the team’s overall workflow and habits are roughly formed. The team, under the leadership of the core character (core or key person, preferably SEO), began to learn to cooperate in order to achieve overall results and achieve certain results.

third stage, team integration. This is a tacit understanding of a stable team after a long period of good coordination. We know the advantages and disadvantages.

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