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many novice friends have asked me such a question: I feel that now the company is not suitable for themselves, I do not know whether to resign or not. This is a novice, small partners often encounter problems, especially in a confused period. In fact, I usually do not answer the question of novice friends, there are three reasons: first, I am not a professional mentor; second, I do not understand the specific situation; third, I am not you, can not make decisions for you. But I will try to sum up some of my views, small partners can choose and refer to their own, and ultimately the decision must be your own. In order to allow more young partners to find their own choices more quickly, here is a special article to summarize my views.


on the novice operators want to resign reasons, can be said to be multifarious, Yang Yang cited some of the exchanges and everyone in the process, many people asked me, a total of 6, today to share three:

1, the boss of the company to start a tradition, do not know how to operate, do not attach importance to operations, I feel not suitable;

2, I’m new, no company, I want to find one.

3, the boss does not understand, but also like interference, often deny my idea;

below, I would like to address some of the above confusion about my own ideas, if you happen to be a novice partner, but also now facing one of the above problems, then I hope to help you;

problem behind: feel that they have been ignored, the company is too small to allocate resources for operations, the company can not see the operation of hope.


wrote an article called "web site operators neglected in the company how to do?" said the question, the boss is not in fact there are a lot of great importance to the operation, the problem that don’t understand is a kind of traditional, such as is started, or technical background, for web site operators not too clear. So there is not much concept.

boss didn’t pay enough attention to it because he didn’t understand it, but you can see that he still wants to develop in this respect.

my advice at this time is that the boss doesn’t fit in with your work:

1) fit in with your work,

this time you have to chops, even if there is pressure to (even if you resign, under the company there will be no pressure? Maybe the boss has not now support you), trying to make something out of your ascension in the minds of the boss of the component, using all my spare time to enrich themselves, self learning, appropriate when you help the company expand operations team.

2) does not tie in with your work,

if you are always standing on your own point of view, ask no reason, and reject your thoughts or suggestions. Then you can be looking.

question two behind: worry about their own, can not independently complete the work;

the question is >

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