What we want is order quantity not browsing quantity nor ranking

on the Internet has imperceptibly hard for almost six years, now do website six years ago has shrunk. Today’s businesses are demanding more than just images of big flash and big pictures. Enterprises need to display the image of the website at the same time, more importantly, let the website become one of their sales tools and sales channels, make the website become enterprise money making machine.

how to make websites for businesses to make money, how to get more orders, summarized and analyzed as follows:

1, browse, the greater the opportunity to obtain orders,

often added QQ to me and asked me, "how many IP days are there in your website?". Website traffic can bring a certain amount of orders, but what kind of traffic depends on?. I made a mistake before, a large number of articles, the results included a lot of, nearly every day on the IP traffic, for enterprises to stand for, very terrible. Such a large amount of traffic, converted into orders, only a small five or six, compared with the beginning, and did not improve, estimate and can define these traffic is garbage flow. We are not the industry station, how much traffic to support the site, once a friend told me that the maintenance of enterprises, do not need to update the hard every day, is a waste of time and energy, little effect. If you fail, you will know that practice is the truth.

2, keyword ranking is good, the greater the chance to obtain orders,

said the optimization of keywords, personally think that there is nothing to say. Do optimization really needs time and patience, must persist attitude, in addition to often go to the study and observation of other websites, remember not all problems in their website, the strength of the masses is infinite, you know the situation with the record, summarize some rules of search engine the law, and take their stand to take risks, as this is yihuhuhuapiao, the commonly used method. In addition, the choice of keywords is very important, as I now in Cheng medicine machine optimization, mill production company, mainly uses Chinese herbal medicines and food processing laboratory, the material is crushed, a period of time, in order to optimize the word mill, spend a lot of time and effort, but the word mill too hot The loss outweighs the gain.. It can be said, the industry may have used what stone mill, crushing, grinding and so on coal mine… Use a lot of energy, the optimization of it is very unstable, too much competition, beating always on the three page, and do statistics, in the first page, not really bring a lot of orders, call volume is increased, but the phone call down what chaos seven yes, more interesting is a friend, buy file shredder, really let us surprise. The later period has made the adjustment, puts the energy in the small pulverizer, the medicinal material pulverizer, the Chinese medicine pulverizer, the laboratory pulverizer and so on. These words are not many opponents, although the amount of search is not large, but our orders have improved.

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