The development direction and method of the Forum

historically, BBS has developed almost 3 ways:

first, media, a small number of large BBS gradually media, interactive attenuation;

second, BBS hydration, curse people, boring people more and more, bad money drives out good money, the value of BBS is getting lower and lower;

third, small circle, some BBS in order to maintain the level of speech, and constantly raise the threshold of entry, so that the public’s BBS into a small group aggregation, which makes the inevitable loss of BBS communication vitality.

therefore, a forum community should first consider the characteristics, which should be attributed to the mainstream, the mainstream of your community. When you are original when most of the forum, the forum is the original forum features you; when you are talking to the forum, your feature is the discussion of the Forum; when your forum is water, confusing your forum; when your forum is for the transaction the forum is the sale of your Xing forum. The above is only part of the characteristics of the forum, of course not Overgeneralization.

if you know what features you have, how do you develop these features,


1, determine the theme of the forum and divide the columns. Topics set, columns around the theme. The column once laid down, they don’t change at will, in general, need a month to set up a forum, the specific content of the column is one thing, to determine a good program, not in the open after transformation column free, so for visitors is cruel, if you change your program, user access the forum is like entering the maze.

do BBS, remember not to greed, make all sorts of things, in the end, a mess, can not catch the slightest clue. It is very important to locate the nature of the forum. It is a literature forum, entertainment forum or a comprehensive one. The role should be put right from the beginning. As a literary forum, it is necessary to focus on literature, several entertainment places with irrigation let you relax, prioritize, do not exaggerate. Specificity is not monotonous, but the theme is clear. If a forum to make music, and want to make literature, in the end can only be neither fish nor fowl. Simple style can not be ignored, do not think more garish more attractive, but in fact, simple, clean, clean forum is more attractive. Do not because the sub edition is not subject to the restrictions of quantity, wantonly add a lot of plates, the result of this can only be what people do not want to go.

2, the basic system of the forum. Like the social system, did we begin to receive education since childhood? Not only that, but we also received respect from our teachers, loyal party and patriotic people. You can recall that when we were in our first year of school, we wore red scarves and sang "socialism". These are all things that come into our lives when we begin to receive knowledge. So, as a virtual community, forums are open

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