Talking about the prospects for the development of novel websites

recently, you have experienced the webmaster basic server block "baptism" because of the great national crackdown on pornographic websites under the mobile phone, including China Mobile, IDC operators then shut down tens of thousands of servers, resulting in great number can not access the site, serious damage to the interests of all owners. Ask: if a sword can kill, then we should be confiscated all the weapons? Steamed Buns if can choke, but even ban Steamed Buns are not allowed to sell? Please don’t think the prostitute away, you can change the identity of madam


" the monster book website " is a novel site, therefore blocked at the server, I also seriously thinking about a problem: the novel station will not be affected by the anti vice in the next state will vigorously rectify the novel station? Novel website has come to this winter


can not help but ask people to ask: are there any prospects for the development of novel websites? I would like to focus on the classification of my novels and books on the site to briefly discuss their views on the development of novel websites:

first: fantasy fiction class

personally, I think the development of fantasy novels should be very good. Why fantasy novels so popular? Because from the fantasy novel itself, fantasy novel classification is particularly broad, a general term is not appropriate, because we used to call it the law. For the original fantasy novels of the Internet, I still have great expectations for the development of fantasy novels, because all the things will appear in the market, just like these fantastic novels. We can not all criticize, can only say, do not love to see, you can not see, because there are a large number of people, they need this kind of entertainment, and not because of personal emotions will dissipate. Moreover, everything will have a process from decline to prosperity, and then from prosperity to decline, because when a thing reaches its peak, there will inevitably be many people who are tired of and put forward various opinions.

second: romance novel class

is a Chinese old style novel, also known as Xiaxie novels or novels of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies. A genre of literature that reflects the psychology, state, and social life of love by telling the whole story and the description of the environment.

now society is based on 80 and 90 for the mainstream crowd, especially some girls just love, love it love it, will often be some romantic novels touched tears, romantic novels has formed a certain inherent mode in this part of the crowd. Therefore, romantic novels also occupy a certain market, it can be said that the development process of romantic novels reflects the process of women’s autonomy, independence and self-expression. Based in Taiwan. The effects of the rise of the domestic original romance, with the influence of the network platform, the style were more diverse, a youth literature heatwave, for the development of romantic novels brought new trend and opportunity. It’s not difficult to see, in the age of Internet and wireless

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