Talk about the insights from an article that brings me 10000P days

if 1 articles can be 10 thousand IP in 1 days, it’s not a good thing for a webmaster, but a very dangerous one.

each of the dumpster friends to TOP.BAIDU.COM to find material, is the best place for inspiration, if you see a new list of key words in TOP.BAIDU.COM, hard to find material, original can get 100 IP return in three days, and can last for a few days. Last June I saw a keyword "* * *" (a corrupt official name, the Commission was detained and interrogated) and my classmates and I bet that I will one day on the 200IP to write an article, my classmates do not believe, I’ll bet meal with him, then I used the experience to find a morning news material. Sohu…. Are searched, and the contents of related article are not very strange, until now I realized the news may be banned, then I just think this message may be too new, while the station update slowly, so I went to find the post Post Bar and several often go to entertainment forum after a period of time, post editing good photos, also find their own (a few are just a bit), the title has 15 words, which contains 4, 5 keywords (a bit). However, the article can be said to be original.

after a day, and students together to watch statistics, that article, a IP also didn’t come, I didn’t worry, I feel second days must be more, also didn’t care, a meal. Look at the statistics of more than 3000 IP, second at ten in the morning, because the Baidu update is now less than 2, 3 hours yesterday, Baidu will not have so many, but the evening of little traffic, see the "key", and the article keywords related to a lot of traffic, there is a key that is already to more than 200 IP, the relevant keyword articles are a lot of the article I, even the picture layout are the same, some even ranked in front of me, but do not ask, they copy or acquisition of my.

to the evening, coupled with a few keywords also went up, the station has been almost 20 thousand IP, and sometimes space is not landing. Ha ha, the mood is very good naturally,. The morning of the second day I was at the entrance of the article number is more than 10000, visitors have been to about 15000, ha ha, is happy to see statistics go to class, go back to open a class can also see IP Statistics (Baidu just update), I did not realize my garbage stand up. When I see the keywords, each keyword in the first few pages do not find, very strange, I think Baidu gives me down the right, look at the search pages, page 0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! I stand by plucking the months of hard!! is this the end of


station is over, the hard work in vain, it is difficult to do the station, but I have gained a lot of experience, I hope to see my experience of people can take less detours.


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