Which websites are suitable for making with WordPress

in front of an article "use WordPress website have what advantage", talked about the advantages of using WordPress website, in fact, most sites with WordPress is no advantage. PHP programming language and MySQL database function is not limited to the management, and the main function of WordPress is the management, if you understand this sentence, then you know what WordPress can do not what to do. For example, WordPress is suitable for the following type of Web site:

blog (nonsense, blog program is not suitable for blog or what?).

news websites. For example, most of the original article management system, news release system can slowly retire, WordPress may be much better than you, ha ha.

can use CMS (content management system) to do the site, basically can use WordPress to do, because their main function is to manage the article, and WordPress may be much simpler. Like Joomla and Drupal, it doesn’t make any difference to WordPress.

that WordPress is not suitable for what sites? In a word, the article is not the core of the site is not suitable for using WordPress. For example, the product’s website, the website must turn around products, what are the basic information, detailed product information, product comparison and so on, can take a look at the website of Dell is how to introduce the computer, this is certainly not suitable for WordPress. The specific features of the site, such as network, its main function is to open the space domain, real-time virtual host management, this is certainly not suitable for WordPress.

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