Understand see the network success shortcut

everyone is talking about the shortcut to success in the Internet. Let me talk about my own view and attitude towards success.

1 earn money on the Internet, look at skills.

what is the meaning of this sentence, is the network, at the beginning, maybe you are a group of the original CEO, perhaps a first-year college students, perhaps is a village in the countryside farming friends, if you teach certain skills, let your skillful hands a small detail, especially in the first two stages on the network can be easily copied, and the overall quality of a personal relationship is not great, as long as you according to the steps, certainly can achieve high income, which is why some training is not to limit your age, limit your education that is because of their successful practice in a word, the network before the two phase of success can be replicated.

2 makes a lot of money on the network, see inside information.

If you want to

on the network development, has its own website, or have their own status, have their own circle, have their own team, the light depends on the skill is not enough, I cited an example, when speaking at the meeting, the meeting is in the past such as big brother, this is one I’ve never heard but not seen friends, when the elevator, and he just hit the wing, they recognized me, then we go in the room talking for more than an hour, he is doing the occupation manager training, has been in the line of business and he said to me, when he made the network last year, a day income is about ten thousand yuan, I say you how income, he said a person a day can earn 300 yuan, so 30 personal income is 10 thousand yuan a day So, I just need to pay the 30 50 yuan per person / day’s wages, this is a typical one naval operation, most of the people in their practice, they used some of the most common business philosophy in the network.

on the Internet and in reality, with a leadership, have a strong business idea, do real things on the Internet is as profitable, master, not to make money in reality, on the network, as is the idiot, this is the truth, at least in our station I met a friend in law is like this.


is a novice, do not look at the current income, you may be a day income of several thousand dollars a novice, but you still can not easily handle network, because if you want to manage a team or a circle, at least 3-5 years of culture heritage, a heritage of the people there that is not a team, a man may not bring out a group of elite, an elite is not a idiot, so if you wonder why nobody told you, you should look at, he is not with the background.

3, interpersonal, interpersonal management is a shortcut to any industry success and >

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