Key website titles are more likely to highlight the original value

original in the website construction, production and website optimization in the role of more and more important, not only content construction needs quality originality, and link construction is also inseparable from the original. Although the original writing is very important for website construction, but there are not many high-quality original webmaster. After all, original writing is different from oral speaking. Many people don’t know how to organize the language, and they don’t know how to choose the topic. Not only the high quality of the article content, it is difficult to write freely, that is the title of the article, many people are racking their brains, but not the recipe. However, the title is the first place for users to contact, but also easy to impress users. If there is God in the title of the article is dotting the eyes, is very important in the original writing.

1. Good headlines are more vulnerable to the user’s attention

there is a phenomenon that can not be ignored, that is, "title party" is still rampant, although this approach is not advisable. But by enticing headlines, we can attract more users’ attention, but leave us deep thought. The title’s role in original writing is evident, because the content of the long winded text does not immediately read to the user, while the title is always the first to catch the eye of the user. Just think, how can a bland headline attract more users? Surely not. How can we write a good article title? We can try to grasp the following two aspects.

good title should be the first to summarize the contents of the article, and in seeking new language organization. Such as the title of this article can be named as "the original writing needs a good title, but the title is" writing "touch: good titles are more likely to highlight the value of the original" can give people find everything fresh and new feeling. Good title should also be good at grasping social hot spot, just catch the eyeball of the user. Perhaps the article content and social hot spot relation is not very big, but after organic fusion, gives the human feeling to be able to find everything fresh and new. For example, the title "from Sina enabled micro-blog new domain name on enterprise website domain name selection", this article is the main theme of the enterprise domain name selection, and Sina, micro-blog is to catch the eye of the user.

two, good title easier to be included in the search engine

is not only the user concerned about the title, search engines are the same, I believe that a long time adhere to the original writing war, this has deep feelings. In order to enhance the website weight, from the beginning of last May, I always adhere to the original writing, and I have very good article writing, but sometimes think of very high quality articles, but not pay attention to search engine. Some days are not included in the search engine articles, a little adjustment, modify the title, will soon be included. But I feel incredible, search engines are too powerful, but we can not change the facts, the title is not good, it is not easy to be included in the search engine.

search engines are based on programs to judge the quality of the article, and the same is based on the program to determine the title of the article. So how does a search engine judge?

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