The advantages of the electricity supplier suning com overbearing ruthless

although he is not an electricity supplier practitioners, but I am still quite interested in Of course, this is not just because the shift to an electronic platform as a traditional business representative is, to a great extent, determined by’s brain storm in the Internet business.

is a just a few years into the business enterprise, nearly two years of frequent moves constantly, and mouths are generous, prior to the acquisition of Haier, construction of the logistics base, to the line and the line now under the same price, online sales in the overall performance and so on, with the same operation ideas of Suning the impact of the original has formed the pattern of electricity supplier. In fact, the purpose of Su Ning to do these is very clear, that is, their line advantages into the Internet factors, to create a business circle, to achieve greater market size and bargaining power.

see that we can use the word business criminals to describe it, after all, Su Ningzhen is erratic, measures can price only one online and offline to allow other companies not to mention its competition. Of course, the reason why is so overbearing, must have its own capital emboldened, or else no one will be silly to do not leave behind the progress of his own way.

capital strength is Su Ning constantly burn money important guarantee. The news, Suning’s cash flow can reach 20 billion, the number of electric business can boast of many enterprises, for a very simple example, before participating in frequently markdowns the book fund is only 1 billion 300 million, see 20 billion, we know why Suning so emboldened enough.

electricity supplier market potential value far beyond the line. The aim of this field is because the electricity supplier, Suning has been aware of the tremendous value from this platform, according to the relevant data show that in 2020 China electricity supplier industry output will be around 15 trillion, and in 2012 Taobao’s trading volume is only about one trillion, such a large market space, Suning not to steal it too isn’t it.

‘s strong executive power is the driving force for Su Ning’s success. The same is the traditional business platform, compared to, Gome online is obviously half-dead, this is not only the capital strength of the problem, or the problem of execution. in the process is mustering the strength to start, in order to achieve the goal, the use of all resources, and even a Gome online price war is timidity, this style will let Suning set sail to leave the United states.

The construction of

logistics Suning also proud of the place, till now, Suning has 60 logistics bases and 12 automated picking center, 5000 customer service service outlets, and these infrastructure will Internet process contribute no small amount of force. Because the product price is becoming more and more transparent today, who can provide more first-class service is the key to success.

is like the super team throwing money to buy players, Su Ning is not

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