How to start the road can be clever use of advertising

advertising, as the name suggests is advertised, now in the life with the products emerge in an endless stream, want to let people have the impression of this product requires the power of advertising, but how to do advertising?

the profound friendship warm and charming nowadays: with the development of economy and the change of consumer psychology, society has gradually entered the "Sui sense of consumer era, consumption patterns from material consumption to pay attention to the pursuit of the spirit of pleasure and satisfaction. If the enterprise advertising can properly use the emotional factors, to create a warm and charming advertising environment, it can be moved by feelings, to achieve good advertising results. The United States Ford Motor Co had a grey-haired man was ready to cross the road when the heavy traffic but who also refused to stop the way, everyone has launched "old time" advertisement, aroused the audience’s emotional care for the elderly, and establish a good corporate image of Ford Motor Co.

the bright color: color is novel to win the "silent salesman", different colors have different personalities, different people will lead to subjective feelings. Red blue open exciting, quiet, bright yellow, black solemn, elegant purple, green orange to sign a youth, warm white, cool and so on with qin. The correct choice of advertising color positioning, the design of a distinctive color of the product advertising can be novel and win. Shanghai production of "blue Aulis noble" cosmetics, with its unique color advertising and popular at home and abroad, to become the first choice of the modern women’s cosmetics.

the reverse thinking: surprise the rebellious thinking to using advertising techniques, take the retreat even draw further apart advertising methods, can break the traditional thinking and game advertising. According to legend, there are two door in ancient China hotel for a long time, be on a par with. One day, a boss posted ads: the shop a credit sale is completely wine, not water! While another posted: our shop has always been advocating honesty, the sale is watered 10% old wine, such as to water, please explain in advance, but no drunk with the shop the results of the "neat! Hotel" and "water" hotel of a deserted house, but bustling.

the suspense tactics: turn on the TV, read newspapers, magazines, everywhere overwhelming advertising, what kind of advertisement can attract audiences and readers? Some clever entrepreneurs psychology skills went into advertising, making psychological suspense, inducing the audience and readers into the maze.

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