How to do poineering work

with the passage of time, after 80 has almost become the main force of the major markets, in the big market also occupy a dominant role. However, the real way to embark on the road to the success of the 80 after the probability is getting lower and lower, more entrepreneurs are 80 after the failure of the end. So, how to carry out entrepreneurship? And let Xiaobian do a simple introduction.

is now the main force, still can be said after 80 entrepreneurial venture, in entrepreneurship, the number of 80 can be described as one after another. There are data show that after 80 entrepreneurs can survive ten years less than one percent. So, how to get out of the current 80 after this vicious circle, the success of their own business today, I will take my friends around the example of how to introduce the next generation of entrepreneurship.

a lot of 80 face the first time the problem of entrepreneurship, I have a deep understanding, because I was also faced with the problem of entrepreneurship. In order to make you less detours, I first mention a few points should be considered after 80 Entrepreneurs: do not put eggs in one basket. Whether it has been successful entrepreneurs or related experts, are not in favor of 80 after the initial investment in their own funds to invest all their own, and even wantonly borrowing.

they think, there are 20% – 30% chance of success after the first venture, this is largely a stage of their self exploration and learning, if excessive investment, once failed, will have a huge impact on the future development. Secondly, do not be small and not for. After 80 entrepreneurs, the most taboo is the mentality of above.

people feel that they do have, it will be bigger and the small amount of money, look down upon. Finally, when people talk about a business opportunity, they want to do their own business. However, if the lack of information, do not do market research, but only a few friends sit together, just imagine the future, then the result is often futile.

this is a common problem for all young entrepreneurs after 80, I have such an example, I am a college student, the bedroom next to very close, so familiar with each other. He had a business idea when he was at school. He started his business as soon as he graduated. Due to the time he put off stall, selling some electronic products, made some money, the results made previously mentioned problems, some have small profit goods do not want to go to business.

ignores the business is actually a whole, a commodity can drive other goods. A year later, the electronic store opened up for a loss. The purpose of this example is to say that after 80 how to do poineering work in those problems, although we all know that, but when you really do not have to make such mistakes.

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