Jing Rong Hui staged agricultural entrepreneurship project financing play

is now not only entrepreneurs aimed at the new stage of agricultural entrepreneurship, investors in various fields have begun to look into the countryside, investment in entrepreneurial projects. You see, the VC is coming.

agricultural entrepreneurs how to obtain capital favor? What investors are optimistic about what kind of agricultural projects? From this fiery, Rong Rong exchange special agricultural roadshow, perhaps to agricultural entrepreneurs have inspired.

and the general breeding cycle model is not the same, Chen Bin brought the "fish farming" project is a new type of composite farming system, the aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation of these two had completely different farming techniques through the ecological design ingenious, achieving scientific Co students.

"in the cultivation mode of aquaponics under the vegetable growth rate is about 2 times of the traditional soil cultivation, rather than fish culture capacity of 600 square meters is equivalent to the traditional way of farming more than 5 acres of water area, so the cost is relatively controllable, cost-effective products." Chen Bin introduction, at present foreign countries have formed a symbiotic food and fish industry chain, but the country is very rare, great potential for development.

but aquaponics is how to achieve self card? Chen Bin explained that fish and vegetables live in a water body, if sprayed on the vegetables pesticides, pesticides will flow into the pond with poison fish. This stupid thing, the farmer is not dry, fish food safety supervisor is equivalent to the entire farm sleepless; in addition, aquaponics vegetable root is the root of aquatic farm, with root vegetable sales, consumers will be able to identify one of the vegetables from aquaponics rather than vegetable wholesale market back recommended

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