Lao Li’s advantage of smoked Restaurant

in many of the northeast food delicacy, smoked sauce is a representative of the local delicacy has a history of hundred years in China catering industry, and in the continuous development process has attracted more and more consumers, because there is a huge consumer market, many investors want to invest. Lao Li is currently popular in the hot sauce sauce to join, with the following advantages:

1, smoked sauce store business model, the pursuit of innovative interests:

the new catering creative ideas, the local characteristics of ecological recover the original simplicity + + butter smoked delicacy "into the nationalization of Chinese exclusive produced, delicious, unique flavor, unique characteristics of food and beverage to ensure maximum flavor, consumers become the most favorite and most sought after catering brand.

2, features delicious, simple authentic authentic:

in the fast-food stalls business, delicacy, Roasted Chicken smoked ribs, bone sticks, trotter, pork, meat, chicken wing tips, PigHead hand, broth, big belly, the brain is able to stand the test of time boutique theme restaurant, magical and mysterious smoked sauce culture, let you relive the memories of the most simple the taste of


3, full fool operation, no experience is very easy:

, a traditional delicacy sauce chef catering and other specific limitations depend on management, throughout the first "fool" mode of operation, the operators need not experience, no standard kitchen, no professional chef, no smoke, the whole operation of a fool. The company headquarters for the majority of investors, to provide the entire shop output strategy completed successfully, a full set of output method of the most practical, simple, mature and shop experience based cloning successful mode of operation, so that complex catering business becomes extremely simple.

4, delicious value for money, easy to operate hot:

smoked sauce Ming file fast food can rely on the excellent fast food business advantages, so that every consumer can be happy to enter the store, happy to return, one hundred percent of the repeat shows that the charm of the smoke. Lao Li wife smoked small investment, low operating risk, fast return on investment. In just a few months time, has been in a number of locations has successfully developed outlets and chain stores in many countries, the success of shop management, earned the money overflow, for investors, rather than action.

Harbin Lao Li wife sauce sauce hall address in crescent street, 1109 floor, Harbin road outside the district rich street, No. 132, welcome to join the country to visit!

if you have any questions that you want to consult with Mrs. Li, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, and we will arrange staff to contact you when we see the message.

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