ce cream store process is divided into five steps

ice cream adults and children love to eat, open an ice cream store, the market is hot, will be able to make a lot of money. What are the ice cream store opening process? Do you want to invest in business friends, you know? Here follow the small series together to look at the ice cream store shop process.

Second, design and planning. Ice cream store design and planning is also very important, such as the study of the store style, schedule planning and design, price positioning, facade decoration and design, etc.. And then signed a decoration contract.

Third, publicity. First of all, it is necessary to develop a good publicity plan and program, and then implement. Ice cream franchise publicity can be taken online and offline combination of publicity, micro-blog and WeChat can choose online marketing, and the line can be used to distribute leaflets, some form of posters, to attract the attention of the people, will play out its brand influence.

Fourth, trial operation. Ice cream shop open shop trial operation phase can not be ignored, usually about a week. In order to understand the popularity of the product, the defects in the operation, and then make a final adjustment to its operation and positioning.

fifth, official business. The last is the normal business of ice cream franchise store, to provide good services to the consumers satisfied, Muming, back rate increased, the ice cream franchise business booming point the day and await for it!


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